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Are You Wearing the Right Clothing?

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I was reading an article on “Jealousy” and there was a section that really caught my attention. It was about “Displacement”. It was talking about how a lot of jealousy starts in the fear of displacement! Someone is going to displace me or replace me and I will be left behind. This initiates fear and then the spirit of jealousy enters in and starts “vain imaginations” deep within. The next step is to look suspiciously at the person who is “apparently” planning on displacing us and find a way to stop this “strategy”.

This cycle of insecurity and jealousy starts to accelerate our attempts to secure our “position”. Jealousy is ‘one step’ away from murder. It is a murdering spirit! We need to take this very, very seriously! If we don’t take it seriously, we will begin a very destructive tendency towards “spiritual murder”.

As I worked through this process, I began to see that most people are “insecure”. Then I started to wonder why this is. I looked at the world and saw the pressure to conform to certain ‘acceptable’ types of people. There is so much envy, jealousy, hate, resentment, hostility, and scheming going on mostly because people are wanting to be in someone else’s shoes and live ‘their glamorous lives’ instead of their own ‘average life’. The God who made each of our fingerprints, voices and eye scans totally unique, would never desire that we would conform to someone else’s identity. This is a form of identity theft! How many times can you remember being envious of someone else for their new car, new house, new job, new wife/husband, or some other form of apparent success? Be honest! Has this been an issue in the past?

How about in the body of Christ? Have you resented someone who just got ‘attention’ for doing something and got praised for it publicly? Who in the church has a position that you desire? (Be honest). Are you attempting to work towards that goal? Are you angry that sister or brother so and so is always getting all the good stuff, and you are left on a dusty shelf and never seeming to move towards the fullness of what you believe God has called you to be? Have you been seeing yourself as a member of the worship team, children’s ministry, pastor’s assistant, greeter, etc only to be left unnoticed

every time an opening came up? Have you given up yet? Are you resigned to just being a ‘bump on a log’ and a church seat warmer?

Maybe………….you are ‘barking up the wrong tree’ and all of this is an ‘act of futility’ that will never be blessed by God? Has that ever occurred to you? Maybe you are trying to fit into someone else’s clothing? Is this God’s plan or your plan? Mmmmmmm……….is it possible that there is any truth to this? Is it possible that all these months or years, you have been ignored because God has other plans for you? Wouldn’t it be sad if, at the end of your life, you are standing before wonderful Jesus, still wondering why you were always ‘left behind’ only to hear him say, “Why did you not fulfill what I called you to do? You always set your eyes on goals I did not call you to fulfill!” This would be TRAGIC!!

Well………..what is the answer? The only place of peace as a member of God’s family is to put on the right clothes that God has designed specially for you and no one else. Isn’t it hopeful to know that there is no one else who can effectively step into your ‘God-appointed’ call? If you remain in ignorance about exactly what that is……..eventually……God will fill that place with someone who is next in line, who is the best able to fulfill that call. Jesus said if we don’t praise Him, the rocks will cry out! God’s plans will be fulfilled, with or without us. God desires to see that every one of His children fulfill His ‘whole’ plan for their lives. This is His Heart! Read Jeremiah 29:11.

Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice”. If you are His sheep, you ‘hear His voice’. So if you ask Him about your specific place in the body, will He not tell you? The Bible also says, “If you diligently seek Me, you will find Me”. Are you diligently seeking Him……..Then………it is a given…….You will find Him and hear what He has for you personally and specifically for your life. Be careful……………it may not be what you have been running after. Are you ready for that revelation?

Recently a dear brother of ours had a testimony about pastoring 3 churches and it went terribly for him. He continued to ask God why it was not working out. Many years later…..he realize….God NEVER called him to pastor. It was his own desire, not God’s! Only after he let go of his desires did God start to

fully open doors of opportunity to fulfill His call upon this brother’s life.

Another dear brother that we know saw there was an opening in his local church for a drummer on the worship team. (He did not play drums) He got it in his head to work hard to fill that position. He did work hard and achieved that position. Awesome…….it was hard……but he continued to practice continually to become a more and more capable drummer. Well……..God never called him to the drums. He called him to the Bass Guitar. Once he tried the Bass, after being unsure of attempting it, he found himself in the peace of God and experiencing the wonder and amazement of God’s call upon his life. He was experiencing peace with God’s call at last.

I hope this inspires you in some way to seek God (diligently) over these matters for your own life. If you are frustrated… may be trying to fulfill ‘your call’ instead of ‘God’s call’ for your life. When God’s clothing is placed upon you……you are home at last!!!!!!!!!!

We love you all dearly. Please feel free to contact us with any requests over this article. We would love to help you to fulfill His call upon your lives.

Love and Shalom

Rob and Jody

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