Worship Music

We have been given many “Songs of the Lord” and we have recorded them over the years. Freely listen and enjoy the worship songs that God has blessed us with. You are free to download the songs for free, with no limit. We are excited to share this music with you as a gift. Feel free to leave feedback about the music on our blog. We enjoy hearing the feedback.

Mission in Minesing

We have some of the songs ready from our Canadian meetings in Minesing. We have 3 songs, Yeshua Hamachiach, For Your Name is Holy, and El Elyon. Please soak in these Jewish flavoured songs and allow Abba to bring to new revelations and new zones of worship with Him.

R13: Worship Fest 4

Once again…….in the heat of July, the Warriors gathered in Arizona to worship Abba is total abandon, without restriction at R13. These songs were recorded at that event, which was totally, full-tilt in the fire of the Holy Spirit. Rob and Jody’s first album was recorded in 2006, and the songs we have included in this newest cd were originally part of that project called Worship Warrior. We are sending out the first song which is a mix of 2 different songs, “Soldier of the Lord”, and “In the Name of the Lord”. It gets prophetic in the middle with a few surprises. Stay tuned for more songs to follow as they are mixed and ready for posting on the web site hopefully very soon. Enjoy…………stay tuned and stay intoxicated in His joy!!!

R13: Worship Fest 3

We had such an extravagant time worshiping Yeshua at R13 in Arizona this spring. We are so excited to share these prophetic songs that were birthed during the 7 days on the ranch. We were completely immersed in the presence of ABBA. “Off the charts” does not begin to describe the exuberant joy released into the the atmosphere. There was such complete unity and a oneness of purpose day after day. The minstrels offered a sacrifice of praise and worship to Him and Him alone. Enjoy the anointing on these songs and press into Him as never before. Hallelujah!!
“Your throne is established from of old;
You are from everlasting.
The floods have lifted up, O Lord,
The floods have lifted up their voice,
The floods lift up their pounding waves.
More than the sounds of many waters,
Than the mighty breakers of the sea,
The Lord on high is mighty.” Psalm 93:2-4
WARNING: This is a 7 course meal. This song is 1 hour and 32 minutes long. It is the very first song that we have not shortened, added to, or otherwise changed from the original recording. This has never happened before. All minstrels were totally INTO it that day, with no slacking or sleeping. Hallelujah!!

R13: Mountain Maneuvers

Our trip to Arizona yielded these new songs birthed in that intense atmosphere of freedom and liberty. We spent many days in abandon and wonder, under millions of stars in the night sky, worshiping ABBA without reserve. We heard the sound of the shofars blasted in ecstatic joy, surrounded by wild delightful dancers. It made for a wonderful picture of joyous exuberance and expression approaching the throne of grace boldly, but in the full fear of the Lord. Enjoy the abandoned worshipers as they enter His presence on the CD.

Rob and Jody


We had a request to stretch a couple of songs out to about an hour long. We worked in a new way to attempt to make it more interesting than just looping it from beginning to end over and over until it was an hour long. We tried to put a few surprises into these EXTENDED WARSHIP MIXES to keep it a little more “Unpredictable”. I hope we have come close to our goal. Enjoy these intense mixes! From time to time, we may add new EXTENDED MIXES.  Check back when you can. There may be some fresh songs here for downloading.

Rob & Jody.

Mountain Worship 2017

Every year we try to set up outdoors and praise God. This year we gathered once again for a time of refreshing and rejoicing. We have a few “new songs” that were birthed spontaneously during our time of worship. There are 4 new songs from this year: “Fire By Night” and “Jonah and the Whale” are ready to go but the other 2 songs are still in the ‘working on them’ category. We hope to finish them in the next couple of weeks. The song “Jonah and the Whale” came out completely unexpected as Jody brought Jonah Schneider up under the tents to blow his shofar into the microphone. The shofar you hear in the song is Jonah blowing. We hope that these songs will inspire and refresh you, all as you join with us under the blue skies of Pennsylvania worshiping Jesus. The greyed out songs are not quite ready for downloading yet, but stay tuned. We will send another mailer out when they are ready for downloading.

In the Eye of the Storm

New CD…….”In the Eye of the Storm” The Eye of the Storm is defined as “The calm region at the center of a storm”. This reminds us of one of our favourite Psalms, which is Psalm 91. “Those who live in the shelter of the Most High will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty. This I declare about the Lord: He alone is my refuge, my place of safety; he is my God, and I trust him” Psalm 91:1-2 NLT We are safe in Abba’s arms. This is the kind of security that can only be found in God’s presence which is where we found ourselves in Minesing, Ontario on the weekend of June 1st, 2nd and 3rd. We joined together to worship the One and Only True God, Yahweh and He met with us in a powerful way. These songs of worship were birthed in these 3 days. Enjoy and join us as we share in just one of the timeless, infinite journeys with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Unity was the theme and also the fruit from our time together.

Picking up The Pace

“We had an exciting celebration on New Year’s Eve this year, that resulted in some new prophetic songs. We are not sure how many songs that we will be able to mine out yet.. We have 2 songs ready to go at this point, the first one is “Picking Up the Pace”. This is another “No Going Back” type of song which seems to be a theme lately. The interesting male voice heard coming in from time to time is Brad Schneider proclaiming, “We’re not going to stop, We’re going to the top, We’re in the race, Gonna seek His face”. The second song is a prophetic expansion on the song “My Redeemer Lives”. This song brings you back to the day when we were all celebrating and you can hear the joy of the Lord rolling around the room during the recording. If there are more songs that become available, we will let you know as we post them on the website.

Love Rob and Jody and the Team

In The Ozone of His Presence (Part 2)

We are following up The CD “In the Ozone of His Presence” with “Part 2”. Those meetings with Scott Holtz were so life changing for us and for many others. There was some very powerful worship, and some very intimate worship downloaded to the worship team during those corporate times. We believe we communed with heaven during those days. We are so excited to include 6 new songs here. With over an hour of worship music on this new CD, there should be something for each of you to savour and celebrate with. We pray that you enjoy the journey into the depth of the “Ozone of His Presence”.

Warning: Some of these songs may diminish your ability to drive or operate heavy machinery. So be very careful that you do not become too intoxicated to drive as you enter into the timeless anointing (Eternal Now) that never fades. [Keep in mind that as you download these songs, it may take a while because of their length].

In The Ozone of His Presence

We are saturated from the 5 miraculous days of anointed meetings with Scott Holtz at “Deeper Waters” in Pennsylvania. We recorded everything during those supernatural times. There are many hours of recordings. We are slowly mining through the material and we’re excited to release some of the ‘highlights of gold’ now. It was an incredibly powerful time of prophetic messages, both through the spoken word and heard through the ‘minstrels of worship’. 

We are pleased to release the first 3 songs. The first song is entitled “Moving Up” which is 39 minutes long. The second song we have available is called “Lord of the Armies of Heaven” (Holy, Holy, Holy). Finally, the last song is called “God You Reign”. 

Warning: Some of these songs may diminish your ability to drive or operate heavy machinery. So be very careful that you do not become too intoxicated to drive as you enter into the timeless anointing that never fades. [Keep in mind that as you download these songs, it may take a while because of their length]. We will keep you posted as more of the new songs become available for download. Enjoy! 

Maximum Wind Velocity (Re- Mastered)

We have such a love for Israel! This CD is also very special as it was birthed on Mount Hermon as we ascended into the clouds of His glory. After blowing the shofars on the peak, we prayed and descended down via the ski lift. The wind of His presence was so strong, We had a difficult time catching our breath. The first words of this CD came into our hearts as these words started to rise in our spirits, “On top of Mount Hermon, the wind is rising……….” As you listen to song 2, “The Wind is Rising”, feel the wind of God breathing into your lungs a new song beyond all that you have experienced before.
All these songs are precious to us; we are transported back to Israel on the wings of angels, as we become intoxicated by His presence, impregnated in these songs! Hallelujah………………Enter into the zone of His presence and His pleasure! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…………overwhelmed by You O Lord!!
(This whole CD has been re-mastered as we wanted to sweeten the sound with a fresh new approach)
We love you sooooo much
Love Rob & Jody and the team!

Into The Deep

We just completed 3 days of fellowship at the old #9 Schoolhouse on Ronald Road in Minesing, Ontario. Our digital recorder had some gems from those meetings. Two of these recordings are here included on this Album. They are “Warrior War Dance” and a prophetic version of “Hungry”. The other songs were recorded in PA over the last couple of years. All the songs have a connection, as they all reflect the theme of going “Deeper and Deeper” with the Lord and allowing Him to go “Deeper and Deeper” in us.  We are hoping that as you allow the Lord to penetrate your whole being, you will open up your heart and spirit in a new way and allow Him to shine His light deeper than ever before into you. We love you and it is our pleasure to freely give what God has freely given us. Enjoy and dive into the deep end in a big way!
Love Rob and Jody and the whole “Deeper Worship” team.

Mountain Worship 2016

This year in July we had our yearly time of worship and celebration on Glen and Fran’s mountain in Emporium, Pennsylvania. We worshiped before heaven, while on the earth. Jesus’ name was lifted up and a good time was had by all. People were rolling down the mountain in all directions in exuberant laughter. The children and the adults joined in the celebration of freedom and all became undignified before the Lord! These songs were captured on a digital recorder and we have put them on our web site for all who care to join with us, as we all worship on the Mountain before our wonderful God!! It is awesome to feel the summer air rising and falling while the worship music is wafting into the atmosphere with no walls to subdue the torrents of sound rising up to heaven. Enjoy with us as we give you “Mountain Worship 2016”.

Break Through in BC

Last month, 13 Warriors arrived in the Okanogan Valley in B.C. for a series of meetings at the ‘Glory Center’ in Vernon, B.C. The battle was intense! The spirit of Jezebel is a major controlling spirit operating in that valley, but praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ, there was great victory! The “Team” was unified and focussed upon lifting up the name of Jesus, regardless of the pressing circumstances surrounding the gatherings. Over the 8 day of meetings, His glory was manifested in mighty ways through mighty healings and deliverances! These songs are a sample of the joy and freedom experienced by all who participated in the worship of our King!! Hallelujah………………..Jeshua Reigns in the Valley and on the Mountains!! Rejoice in Him as you taste and see that He is good, all the time!!

Let 'Em Go

On April 1st, we had 3 days of amazing meetings near our home here in Canada. We were joined by the team from PA for a time of victory, celebration, deliverance and people being set free from strongholds! It was a life-changing experience for so many who gathered with us and submitted to the leading of the Holy Spirit. It truly was a body-ministry weekend! So many joined in and participated! These songs came out of that time we all had together in the Lord’s presence! Enjoy these songs and we pray God will truly ‘give you the desires of your heart’ as they line up with His desires for you!

Love Rob and Jody

There's a River Rising

All of these songs were birthed during either worship times or worship practice times. They did not exist before and they cannot be repeated. They have been ‘caught’ by the digital recorder always on the ready, every time we get together with our instruments. The song, “There’s a River Rising” spontaneously started while Scott was warming up on the banjo and we just started playing together. Then everyone, one by one, began to join in. After a few minutes, some words stared forming in my heart and a new song was born. All the other songs began without any planning or any road map or chord chart. They are truly “new songs” just as the Psalms calls them. They have been captured here for your good pleasure as you continually enter “Deeper Worship” with Him as the sole focus! Enjoy! Enter in, the door is open!

Mountain Worship 2015

A tradition and a great joy of ours is to worship God under the open skies when we can. A couple of times a year when weather permits, we set up our instruments and amplifiers at a brother and sisters house in Pennsylvania which is situated at the foot of a mountain, and we worship God until the stars start to shine in the sky. Our team from Canada join up with the team from Deeper Waters Ministry in Emporium, PA. We have had incredible experiences during these “Mountain Worship” times. As things get more and more busy for all of us, it is getting harder to fit these worship times into our schedules. This year we only had one opportunity, on September 4th when Mountain Worship happened. This CD is the result of that time in PA. Enjoy with us as we let go and let God have our hearts during this worship time under an open heaven.

Taking Back The Land

Our hearts get very excited when God gives us songs from heaven. It seems like we are more like observers than participaters when this happens. There is no way to explain this phenomenon except to say that spontaneously, God opens the windows of heaven and we are joined with the Angels of heaven. When we listen back to the recordings, we often feel like we are listening for the first time, as we often don’t remember what was played or sung at the time. It is so exciting to be a part of it all. This CD is an amalgamation of 2 worship teams, “Whollyworship Team”from Barrie, Canada, and “Deeper Waters Team” from Pennsylvania. All of the minstrels joined together over a 2 month period in Canada and in the U.S. to catch these winds of the Holy Spirit in worship. We thank God for every word and every note. We can do nothing without Him. With Him, we can do all things!! Hallelujah!! Thank you Jeshua!!!

Love Rob and Jody

Resurrection Sunday 2015

We’ve been working hard since Easter to edit and polish the tracks from Resurrection Sunday this year. We believe we have caught the essence of that day in Pennsylvania when we joined with the Deeper Waters Worship Team for Sunday Morning Worship. So here are 6 brand new songs from that glorious day in PA when the love of God was overwhelming poured out. It is good to have a recording of the wonders and the glory of that day.

Waves of Mercy

“Waves of Mercy” is a mixture of worship music that has come from the last part of 2014 and the first 3 months of 2015. The recordings were birthed in the “Birthing Room” in Barrie, Ontario, Canada in the Studio at Rob and Jody’s house and at “Deeper Waters Ministries” in Emporium, PA, USA. There are a variety of minstrels heard on these new recordings. Along with Rob and Jody Reid, the other minstrels are: Tracy Rugman (Drums), Genna Boyle (Electric Gtr), Roger Martini (Bass), Scott Holterback (Guitar and Synth), Terry Martini (Drums), Joni Holterback (Vocals), Helen McMaster (Percussion), Fran Holterback (Vocals), Jim Eastman (Vocals), and Zion Baber (Percussion). This is an amalgamation of “Wholly Worship Ministries” and “Deeper Waters Ministries”. The result we like to call “Deeper Worship”. Enjoy the melting together of all of these saints of God worshiping Him in Spirit and in Truth!!

Love Rob and Jody

Heavenly War Drums

This CD is a favourite for us as all of these songs were birthed in our basement in Canada last year as we were spontaneously worshiping Him in Spirit and in Truth. We were switching instruments and it is difficult to remember who was doing what, but it was an extreme joy to explore the intensity of prophetically worshiping Him without boundaries or restrictions. We hope you get strengthened by the energy locked into these recordings.

The Lord Roars From Zion

Jody and I believe that Jesus heals today just as surely as He healed when He walked upon this earth. This Album is inspired to encourage the children of God to pursue His healing in body, soul and spirit. “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.” (Hebrews 13:8)

There are a number of songs on this Album without lyrics. We believe that the anointing is tangible and transferable. Just as Paul anointed handkerchiefs and people were healed, we believe the healing anointing is soaked into these songs and tangible to those who listen. Jesus said, “Be Healed!”

Words Are Not Enough

On all our CDs, we have some songs without words. There are times during worship that words seems so inadequate to express the moment with God. During these times, it is refreshing to allow the wind of the Holy Spirit to minister. We have had people come to us afterwards and say, “God is in the music”.

We love these times of God’s healing touch which revives us and empowers us for the unseen battle encroaching which we are yet unable to see, but God sees very clearly. Enjoy these meditative songs derived from the Book of Psalms. May the peace and the power of God infuse you as you listen!

In Spirit and In Truth

Many people have requested that we record a live CD.
This is such a CD!
It was recorded live in Red Deer Alberta over a 5 day period. I believe it caught the anointing of the moment. These songs were not planned out before hand. Many of these songs were birthed in the moment. We felt that God was telling us to take no words and no prepared songs onto the platform most of the nights. The nights when we did take the lyrics for the songs that we had planned, we ended up not using them anyway. It was frightening to go up to worship without any plan but to be willing to be swept away by the Holy Spirit in spontaneous worship without maps, charts or lyrics of any kind.
These songs were created for ‘the moment’, and we believe that the anointing is strong. Listen to the clips from this CD and see if you agree.

Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs

“Be filled with the Holy Spirit, singing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs among yourselves, and making music to the Lord in your hearts.” Ephesians 5:18-19

This scripture inspired us to set our hearts to seek the Lord for a project focussed on the Psalms. We went to a get away to pray and seek the Lord, and this CD is the result of that time alone with God. We pray that the worship will soothe whatever ails you and bring you peace.

Beyond The Walls of Religion

Coming into the Kingdom of God as innocent children, Jody and I were shocked to find that many of God’s precious children were choked by an unseen force that we did not understand. As time went on and God brought different people into our lives, the mystery began to unravel. “Churchianity” often attempts to bring control and order to the Holy Spirit who is like the wind and will not be controlled by man.

We longed for the freedom in Christ that the Bible talks about. In time we came to see that this religious system does not birth warriors! God started to show us “Beyond the Walls of Religion” and revealing to many other people that there is a life of freedom in Christ and it is truly outside the walls of the kingship pattern of religious control.

Worship Warrior

Ephesians 6:12 says, “For we are not wrestling with flesh and blood [contending only with physical opponents] but against despotisms (tyrannical kingdoms) against the powers, against [the master spirits who are] the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spirit forces of wickedness in the heavenly (supernatural) sphere. (Amplified Bible)

Jody and I have a passion for the Lord to open all of our eyes to see these realms beyond the natural senses. We felt moved to write these songs to inspire the “Warriors of the Lord” to rise up and take their rightful stand on the battlefield. God has ordained positions and ranks for His Warriors. This battle is not going away until the appointed time. You either advance against the evil to take back territory or your life is being ravaged by the enemy of our souls. We are covered in God’s armour according to Ephesians 6 while we face the enemy, but there is an absence of armour on our backs. We are not called to retreat, but rather to advance against the enemy in pursuit of gaining back territory for the Lord of Hosts. Never forget that the “battle belongs to the Lord” but at the same time, he calls us to stand in position and see the “salvation of the Lord”. RISE UP WARRIOR!!

Christ The Healer

Jody and I believe that Jesus heals today just as surely as He healed when He walked upon this earth. This Album is inspired to encourage the children of God to pursue His healing in body, soul and spirit. “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.” (Hebrews 13:8)

There are a number of songs on this Album without lyrics. We believe that the anointing is tangible and transferable. Just as Paul anointed handkerchiefs and people were healed, we believe the healing anointing is soaked into these songs and tangible to those who listen. Jesus said, “Be Healed!”

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