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Wholly : To a complete degree or to the full or entire extent. Entirely, completely, totally, all, altogether whole.

Worship :  A feeling of profound love and admiration. The feeling or expression of deep respect and adoration. Great admiration or devotion. Show great respect and adoration for God. The word Worship is derived from Old English meaning Worthiness, acknowledgment of worth.


Jody and I are in love with Jesus. We are dedicated to discipling God’s people. We have a discipling home church in Barrie, Ontario, Canada where we have one on one counseling sessions, discipling teachings, international phone ministry, book studies along with regular spontaneous meetings. We have worship times in our downstairs meeting room that doubles as a recording studio, where all of the studio recordings on this web site were recorded.

We also are very passionate for the “New Song” as described in the Psalms. Many of the songs that God gives us are spontaneous (without prior preparation) and elongated. We have songs that last anywhere from 15 minutes to well over an hour in length. These songs we have included under the “Worship” heading, subsection ‘Prophetic Songs’. All songs under the “Worship” section are free to download without limitation. ENJOY!

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