The Art of Worship

We use the word “Worship” with many different meanings for many different people. Even when we focus our worship on God, which is the only place that it should be, there are still a multitude of meanings according to our present understanding of His ways and desires. Some churches encourage a multitude of expressions in worship, including such things as: the raising of the hands, dancing, prophetic spontaneous new songs, blowing of the shofar at appropriate times, along with many, many more ways.

The creative arts are coming back into our times of worship in certain places, such as: painting, mime, etc. I have been in services when a painter would be off to the side of the platform with a blank canvas ready to paint as the Holy Spirit moves throughout the service. The result is that person’s interpretation of what was going on in the Spirit that day with many colours and shapes representing visually the feelings of the painter. This is often helpful to those who may have felt something and not quite been sure, and then the visual artwork helped to confirm what they were feeling in their spirits.

Lots of churches encourage the use of flags both before the service and during. There are a multitude of colours and styles and shapes of flags used for various purposes and expressions. It is very inspiring and encouraging to see this expression of worship done to glorify God’s amazingness.

Spontaneous worship involves worship musicians having their ears trained to hear into the realms of the Spirit of God to echo the worship according to what is already going on in the Spirit that cannot be heard in the natural. When these songs are birthed by the Holy Spirit of God in meetings, many people are set-free, healed, rejuvenated, and encouraged to fight the good fight one more time.

God has created a myriad of sensational colours, sounds, scents and sensations on this earth. When these things are consecrated to His use, there is great wonder and expression accompanying their use. If our earth was so beautifully created by our living God, can we even fathom how incredible heaven will be? As we explore these expressions of worship dedicated to Him only, I believe we are seeing into the realms of heaven. I believe that truly our human minds will be completely overwhelmed by the magnificence of it all. God is only restricted by our reluctance to let Him lead us into His glory realms by our unbelief and fear of the unseen world. Take His hand and journey deeper as He leads you into the realms of His unseen glory.

-Rob and Jody Reid

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