The Precious From The Worthless

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  • September 16, 2014

The Precious from the Worthless

“If you return, then I will restore you—Before Me you will stand; and if you extract the precious from the worthless, You will become My spokesman. They for their part may turn to you, But as for you, you must not turn to them” (Jeremiah 15:19)

Every once in a while, I take a sabbatical from exploring what other people and churches are up to. I get the “Ostrich Approach”. Have you ever done that? You just get sick and tired of trying to figure out, “What is going on?” I have watched these major catastrophes occur on the frontline of the church landscape and after the fallout has dissipated, no one seems to remember the last fallen king (minister) as they cling to the latest fad arising on the Christian entertainment circles. Before you get mad at me…I want to say that I know there are sincere people out there seeking God with all of their hearts and more fervent for God than I am. I am writing to you beloved warriors on my mailing list, not to tell you that I have arrived, but as a voice in the midst of much distress that seems to be worsening in many ways. Sleep may come quicker if no one speaks up! Amen?

A couple of years ago, I had a vision of a certain ‘prophetic’ ministry and in the vision, I saw a parade, an outdoor concert, and an Elvis impersonator singing at one of the church events. Well…yesterday, my wife was surfing the internet and low and behold, she found the web site to this same ministry and wouldn’t you know it…they had an Elvis impersonator giving a concert “In the church!” (He was not doing a concert of Elvis’ religious song either) This guy is the ‘worship leader!’ What is going on? I do not go looking for this stuff. I prefer in many ways to be the Ostrich! What is wrong with Elvis? Well…let’s review what Elvis stood for. He was a sensual, gyrating, sexual performer who drove women to become overwhelmed by his sexual appeal. Can Elvis be divorced from this appeal? I say NO! Underneath it all it is really, prostitution of the gift of God! He was given a voice to worship God and he chose to exalt himself in front of the world, which led to a life of isolation, loneliness, and a miserable death! Strangely, he is no less popular today than when he was alive! Isn’t that amazing?

I am not picking on Elvis here, as I was a fan of his before I was ‘SAVED!” Just like the Bible says in Proverbs about the dog returning to it’s own vomit, if we are not careful…we may just fill our lives with things that once “turned us on!” How dreadful to fulfill this proverb in blindness. If we lower the bar of purity and holiness so low that almost everything passes though, we are in big trouble folks! I have seen magic shows in churches! Lord help us! Are we so desperate for money that we will stoop lower and lower to lure in the world with our worldly enticements? “The bills need to be paid, I realize that, but come on now let’s be realistic.” We are not called to build a business, but to be priests of God speaking His heart to a dying world that believes that they don’t need HIM! It makes me sick the direction of the contemporary church! Maybe all the pastors who are treading water in the polluted rivers of luke-warmness should go out and get a job, stop taking money from the church, and get back to living holy lives! Maybe they should be returning to the purity of the call on their lives and start speaking God’s truth every day, and quit tickling the ears of the ticket-buying-public! I can’t stand it any more! It says in Jeremiah 15:17, “I did not sit in the circle with the merrymakers…because of Your hand upon me I sat alone, for You filled me with indignation”! I feel filled with indignation at all of this worthless stuff! How about making disciples instead of luring converts?

I am not writing all of this, because I have figured it out! I have figured one thing out though…if we do not let go of this garbage and repent of trying to win the world by being ‘so compromising’; we are in danger of losing everything we have hoped in. We are being drawn into a web of deception, and soon enough, we will not be able to see at all! The blindness will steadily overwhelm us and the thick darkness will settle in, without us even being aware of it! Do you believe it? It has happened over and over again and will continue because when people are deceived, they are the last to know and often become so stubborn (idolatry) that their ears have grown dull of hearing. Notice: it is a growing process…it does not happen all at once! WAKE UP!! WAKE UP!!

This Epistle is sent out priority post this morning to warn the mighty, passionate warriors of God that no one is exempt from this delusion! We need to take stock of our fire for Him, stoke the fire of passion for His Word, speak when He tells us to speak, be determined not to be succumbed by this strategy of satan to turn God’s valiant men into wimps of mumbling, who no one listens to anymore! There is a conspiracy in the “Church” and you and I are the targets. It doesn’t matter if you are in the ‘official’ position of church leadership, if you are hot for God; you are at the top of satan’s list! You may start to see those around you growing cold, feeling lonely, and you may just join them in order to avoid being left out in the cold (so to speak). Don’t say, “It can’t happen to me, please!” Your spouse grows cold, and your workload just doubled as you are now carrying the whole household on your shoulders as he or she has decided to “Take it easy and relax, for a while”. Let me remind you that Smith Wigglesworth said “If you are not closer to God today than yesterday, you are BACKSLIDING!”

Are you backsliding? It’s OK! Repent and get back on the horse and ride brother, ride sister…there are mighty victories awaiting you after you obey what God asked Jeremiah to do, “If you return to Me!” Do it! Commit more of your time, energy, money, attention and love towards Him! He will reward the faithful! The cloud of deception will not touch those who’s eyes and ears are FIXED ON HIM! That’s you! That’s me! Don’t be swept away with the unseeing and the deaf who refuse to hear! It’s not about ‘your church’ or ‘your people’, it’s ultimately between you and God! Yes, it is wonderful to be surrounded by passionate people, but ultimately, when their voices fade away…you are left before your Father who has a specific personal interest in you, and your free will sacrifice to Him with your heart, body and soul! These are dangerous times, but GOD is FAITHFUL! Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees!

Sincerely Rob and Jody

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