The Broad Way

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  • September 16, 2014

“Where are the modern day Jeremiahs that cry our against these court prophets who prophesy for their own gain and subvert the truth by not telling the whole truth, no matter what the cost?

Could this explain in part the reason believers are being deceived by a hyper-grace message and do not understand the fear and judgment of the Lord?

Those of us who have experienced His love and mercy know that this process of falling away does not happen suddenly or overnight but rather is a process of slowly growing indifferent, lazy, disinterested in prayer and study of the Word .”

These are just a few quotes from a book that I have personally read 4 or 5 times, but it continually amazes me how much revelation it continues to deliver EVERY SINGLE TIME!! I am now re-reading it AGAIN! It is even more powerful and relevant than ever before. How can this be?

It is a book from my friend Scott Holtz who lives in Israel. It was written in 2002, which is 2 years after we met Scott. (book: Mystery of Lawlessness, Scott Holtz, only available at We have experienced first hand the revelation of this falling away so many times that I am nauseated by the success of the “deceiver”. People that I thought were walking strong in Jesus have been swept away into “lukewarmness” and I am very sad to say that some have even lost all faith in Jesus and have signed up for the world system instead.

I thought at the beginning of my walk with our precious wonderful Saviour that the “broad way” referred to in Matthew 7 (Bible Gateway Reference ) (sounds like New York, NY doesn’t it?) was for the non-believers or the “unsaved” and the narrow way was reserved for the “saved”. I am grieved in my heart to come to the understanding that this is NOT THE CASE! It says that few there be that find it!!! It is time AGAIN to wake from our slumber and see the cloudy foggy deception that is sweeping us into the “doldrums of delusion”.

2 things spurred this writing of the Epistle this morning and my heart is aflame with anger at the enemy for his success in infiltrating another strong warrior and father of the faith, into the “” message of compromise. The problem is very clearly that God’s love is NOT Man’s idea of love! Without that foundational understanding of exactly how God sees love instead of substituting our ideas in place of His, we are already at a handicap!

Anyway….I am going on because it is “fire in my bones” this morning as I grieve over a man who has influenced me more than any other Christian musician. He has become dulled and swept into the “Grand Delusion” that is sweeping the “Modern North American Churchianity System of Deception”. I am angry this morning! Yes! I am furious at the blindness and the futility of talking to those who have glazed over the “sharper than any two edged sword” Word of God, to fit our lazy lifestyle of leisure and happiness!

In this book, he has exposed at least 3 major errors and I believe twisted the Truth. 1. He says that when the Bible says “the evil one” that it is talking about “toil and labours” and not the “devil”. 2. He believes that if we pray, that God may change His mind on the end time described in Revelation and 3. Christians are not called upon to convict the world of sin but that is the Holy Spirit’s job! (I know that the Holy Spirit leads…but he often uses human voices to get the job done) There is more…. but this should bring to light that something has seriously happened to this warrior to cause him to grow soft. This sounds like a doctrine from satan to soften our resolve to lighten “his future” in some demented way. OHHHHHH! Help us Lord!

Please order this prophetic book from

It is available for $7.00 for the ebook and $10.00 for the softcover. This will change your viewpoint, I guarantee it!!!!!!!!

We Love You so much that are impelled to tell warn you of the impending disaster awaiting the Lukewarm Ones!!

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