Patience, A Rare Virtue

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  • September 16, 2014

“And the Lord your God will clear away these nations before you little by little; you will not be able to put an end to them quickly, lest the wild beasts grow too numerous for you. But the Lord your God shall deliver them before you, and will throw them into great confusion until they are destroyed. And He will deliver their kings into your hand so that you shall make their name perish from under heaven; no man will be able to stand before you until you have destroyed them” Deut. 7:22-24

This is a great promise to Israel, wouldn’t you agree? God has promised to clear away all their enemies by the power of His mighty hand. As always with God, there is a condition. What is the responsibility of the people? Basically, their prime requirement was simply to obey! This seems fairly simple! They didn’t have to resort to a rigorous campaign of torture and ritualistic preparation in order to become enlightened. They didn’t have to wear bands with spikes inlaid, upon various parts of their bodies in order to bring the flesh into submission. They simply needed to obey! Obey what? Obey the commandments of God. Their first requirement was to “Listen”. Have you noticed today, how hard it is to get people to listen? It seems that a great number of people are so preoccupied with the busyness of life that their ears have literally become deaf! The world warns us that the busy urban life will damage our hearing because of the constant noise. Let’s consider the supernatural consequences of our “inner hearing” which seems to have become very dull! There can be no change if there is no ability to hear!

I am amazed at how many people walk the streets, drive their cars, work at their jobs, shop for clothes, with the familiar white wires attached to their ipods, stuck in their ears. Talk about being tuned out, eh? I often wonder what is so addictive and attractive about what they are listening to? Why is it so necessary to tune out? The inner world has become more real to some people than the outer world. This is a frightening observation! Where is the interaction of conversation and greeting other people? How few people even greet other people these days? It is so rare to see people talk to one another, smile at one another, or make conversation with one another as they go about their daily busyness, unless they know each another. Have we become so immersed in our inner worlds, that we don’t want any kind of interaction? What can be the “Aharit” of this behaviour?

When I read about the man on the bus on the way from Manitoba to Edmonton who stabbed the young carnie worker and then cut off his head, I wondered why? Many people today are in critical shape internally. They are time bombs waiting to explode when the right trigger is pushed. Demonic powers have infested so many, who seem without a sense of control. It is amazing how they function from day to day without continual inner explosions! I work as a jail guard as many of you know, and day-to-day, I see the insanity manifested in the eyes of the inmates. It is like working in a dynamite factory where you know that the slightest careless move and it could all go up. I heard someone once say if you want to know the character of a person, just say “No” to them. There is so much truth in this. Another quote that I saw recently was: “Character is revealed during adversity”. Have you ever noticed this in yourself? You say and do things that you never knew were inside you when you are faced with extreme adversity. You are often the most surprised one by your reactions in these situations. Aren’t you glad that God allows this to bring to the surface that which is hidden? “ Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal among you, which comes upon you for your testing, as though some strange thing were happening to you; but to the degree that you share the sufferings of Christ, keep on rejoicing, so that also at the revelation of His glory you may rejoice with exultation.” 1 Peter 4:12-13

So to get back on track with the Scripture in Deut. 7….We are all in “A Process” in a multitude of ways. Today I want to address the concept of “Taking the Land” in your particular sector. This “Taking the Land” is going to take perseverance and patience! Many times we bypass the concept of “Patience” when we are negotiating and planning a mission of the Lord. We see the plan, we see the victory and we want it all to be happen quickly and then be over, so that we can get back to our complacent lives without interference. Am I right? Let’s be honest!

I want you and I to see that this is not a “One Shot Deal”. This is going to take a concerted effort to gain and hold the victory. We are not going to accomplish success in our individual missions by this “Microwave Mentality”. The things of God do not conform to the modern world. God does not change from eon to eon. We need to conform to His ways, if we want to see success. I read once about a survey among young people and the question was: “Do you think that God understands computers?” The surprise answer was “No, God is too old to understand computers” How do you see God? Do you see Him as an old miserly man with a grey beard ready to rap your knuckles at the slightest breach of His rules? Many do, and then fail to embrace this false impression, as this false god is not in the least endearing. Ask yourself: “How do I see God?” Be honest with your answer, it will help to reveal the hidden inner “religious” deceptions that are holding you back from the fullness that God has in store for you and I.

Many times we want God to bless our plans, even though they do not line up with His plans. What a futile effort it is to struggle against God in this way. If we really want success in a particular area in our lives, we need to find out what His thoughts are on it, and then submit to that, to see enduring victory. His Word is the prime source of His thoughts. He will never override His Word on anything! He is not going to bend the foundations of His marvelous creation to bless our minuscule strategies. Let’s move on into maturity by conforming our thoughts to His thoughts. LOOK OUT! Accelerated Victory is about to be imminently manifested in your life!

Lastly…the point we started with….This will not happen in a “Microwave Minute”! There must be a continual, “little by little”, effort to guarantee success! God’s timing is perfect even if it causes us to become impatient! The impatience is manifesting in order to reveal our innermost heart on these issues. Come into line with God and agree with His ways consistently! The result will be continual success and victory in every area of your lives, your ministries, your families, your employment, your evangelizing, your preaching, your singing and dancing before a holy God and everything else you will ever attempt to do. Bless you as you seek His face today! The blessings of His hand will always follow, if you come with a sincere heart to diligently submit before Him and agree with Him quickly, because He is not about to change His mind. So we are left with two options: Agree and prosper…. or disagree and suffer in rebellion (which is witchcraft). As always, our God is fair and just! He gives us a choice! Which line will you stand in, brother or sister? Choose life and not death! Read His Word, Study His Word, Seek His heart for your lives, and surrender your will, to His! You will be so satisfied and His Shalom (complete peace) will overshadow your every move, from moment to moment as you walk with Him! Remember, little by little, consistently keeping the vision before you, staying obedient, even when it doesn’t seem to be going the way you planned it, keeping patient because He is on it, and His ways are perfect. Remember also: The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps.” Proverbs 16:9 Aren’t you glad that He loves you too much to allow your corrupt plans to take you into the ditch. His directing of your steps will prevent this disaster, and you will reach the destination every time, IF you allow Him to “direct your steps”. This result is guaranteed, because His seal of approval is upon it! Trust Him!

Blessings to every one! You are so blessed under the mighty God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob! Right now He is overwhelming you under His perfect love that casts out all fear! Shalom Warriors! Shalom!

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