How many can say they are “Lovers of the Truth” Pilate said to Jesus as many people are saying today, “What is truth?” With our current system of relativism, we can call anything “truth”, but even though many will agree, that does not turn it into “The Truth”. There is only one “Truth” and His name is Jesus! It is not just what Jesus said that was the truth, but He is “The Truth”. Now we as Christians know that Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” John 14:6. Do we really believe this?

In these last days, there are many false prophets and false teachers! We know this is true because Jesus said it is so. When something is false, it is a lie! If we love the truth, which is Jesus,and His Word, we will be diverted from these false prophets and teachers, because of our love for “The Truth”. If we love anything more than Him, then we are ripe for these lies! Our hearts are the deciding factor! This is a time for searching our hearts extensively, in order to ferret out the hidden agendas that hold on with such tenacity! God is wanting us to search our hearts for hidden pockets of stinky fleshly ideas that cling to us like life-sucking-leaches from stagnant, infested rivers. We need to get the salt out and pick these critters off of us, so that we can be free of these parasites!

Jeremiah 17:9 says, “The human heart is most deceitful and desperately wicked. Who really knows how bad it is? 10 But I know! I, the LORD, search all hearts and examine secret motives. I give all people their due rewards, according to what their actions deserve.”

“…forthe LORD searches all hearts and understands all the intent of the thoughts. If you seek Him, He will be found by you; but if you forsake Him, He will cast you off forever.” 1 Chron. 29:9

So even here we can see that we cannot be trusted to search our own hearts, without allowing God to supervise the search. So….we need to ask God to search our hearts so that we can really be apprised of the hidden activity going on in there. There are so many things in our lives that lead us off of the true path of Jesus. There are secret desires that we think no one knows, but God knows! When we are faithful to allow Him access to every little nook and cranny of our deepest parts, victory is imminent!!

Let’s ask Him to do some deep diving this morning so that we can get free of deception in our lives and dedicate our lives to pursuing “The Truth” without regard to “the Cost”. This is where we will pull back when we consider the things that we are not willing to give up! This is the exact thing that Jesus will put His hand on, so why not give it up quickly in order to avoid the delay of eventual surrender that is inevitable anyway! When Jesus dealt with people, He always saw the strongholds in their lives and addressed that particular area as His focus. When they were willing to give that up, everything else would follow close behind. What are the areas this morning that God has been poking you to give up to Him? He has been pressing your heart lately for the release some things, right? Give them to Him and watch the extreme quickening take place in your life! This is what you have been waiting for! Let Him nurture in you, the desire to love Him before every other thing in your life! The peace and blessings will overtake you like never before! Give God every access code, every password, every email address, every web site location and every secret location of every hidden thing in your heart! There is such a freedom and liberty awaiting you! Be “Lovers of the Truth”! Be “Lovers of Jesus”! ABOVE ALL THINGS!!

Blessings, Rob and Jody

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