Israel Log #2

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  • September 16, 2014

After much filtering and processing our time in the Holy Land, it is difficult to document the spiritual significance of the impressions that have impacted us so deeply. We expected something really life changing to happen and for sure, we were not disappointed in any way. I guess it comes down to “You had to be there”. I have seen numerous pictures and videos of the very same places where we visited, and yet the impact of being there blew all of that away. I have even looked at the many photos that we took while there and somehow there is so much lost in the translation, so to speak.

We spent time with Scott as he unveiled the many supernatural aspects of the land and the prophetic promises of God as revealed in the Bible. We walked the streets with the people, we tried to soak in the significance of the Biblical texts describing the physical manifestations of God’s hand upon the land and yet the miracles of transformation have just begun. We looked at the deserts and opened our hearts to the fact that one day, rivers would be evident in these parched lands. We worshiped God in the land while Scott blew the shofar to proclaim God’s heart into the atmosphere. We did some extraordinary things that we are not allowed to write about.

We saw a glimpse of the hearts of the Jewish people and their passion for their homeland. We witnessed the family type atmosphere and the joy to serve their country, even to the death. We saw the brave young men and women who were traveling around the country fulfilling their mandatory service starting at their 18thbirthday. (The young men have to serve for 3 years and the young women have to serve for 2 years) This is an army ready to go in an instant. They have to upkeep their skills from time to time after being released from the army so that they do not get rusty. WOW….such dedication and loyalty and yet not a spot of grumbling or resentment did we hear in our travels.

We now keep a watch for the things of God unfolding in Israel and stay vigilant for the transformation of the desert at the sound of the trumpet of God at the appointed time.

“And I will bless those who bless you,
And the one who curses you I will curse.
And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed.”

These words from Genesis 12:3 are an inspiration to continue to bless Israel with your finances and your prayers. If you have not done so, you need to make a definite plan to gather your resources and fly over to Israel to experience the revelation for yourself. I have come to the conclusion that words cannot describe what we had imparted to us while over there. You will not be disappointed! Stretch your vision higher this morning to start to see your feet crossing over to the soil of Israel. Ask God to supply the needed finances to get you there. Every voyage starts with one step. Consider going to the bank and opening up a bank account to start to deposit your first dollar to start the ball rolling. Somehow, when you make the decision to go, God starts to order your steps to accomplish it. Stretch and trust that God is “in this” for you. He wants you to visit the very land that He chose to establish His people when all the world was before Him….He chose Israel! There is so much here when we consider His choice for to activate His plan for the prophetic epicenter of the final battle of all time. This may be the stimulus that you have been waiting for to kick you into high gear.

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