A Strange Happening On Easter Sunday

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  • September 16, 2014

A Strange Happening on Easter Sunday, April 12, 2009

On February 9 .09, at 8PM, I went for a quick stop off at Walmart on my way home from work. I got a few items in a small bag and took them home and then went to bed. The next day (Feb. 10. 09) on my way home from work, I wanted to stop off at Tim Horton’s for a Steeped Tea, but I could not find my wallet. I looked everywhere in my car and then, I thought that it must be at home. When I got home, I searched all my clothes and my bedroom and my car again without success. I could hardly sleep all night as I went over and over the night before. I got out of bed in the middle of the night to search my car again, with a flashlight, in the glovebox, under the seats, stuck beside the seats, etc. It was nowhere to be found! In the next couple of weeks, I went to Walmart 5 times to see if it had been turned in. No success! I cancelled everything (7 Credit cards, SIN card, Health Card, Driver’s License, Debit Card, Gas Points Cards, Ordination Card) I had $30.00 cash in there along with other documents such as insurance etc. So I had to go through the painful process of applying for all my ID again over the next couple of weeks. I still had my passport or it may have been a lot more difficult!

Well…Last night or rather this morning, which is Easter Sunday, I had a very, very powerful prophetic dream. It shook me up and I felt a very strong hand urging me to get up and write it down. I was tired, but after going over the dream a couple of times to make sure of the details, I got up and typed it out on my laptop. Jody came in the room and I asked her to give me some time, as I had to write this dream down quickly so that I would not forget the details.

I wrote everything out and then printed it and took it out to the living room for Jody to read. As she read it, I again became overwhelmed emotionally at the information in the dream. This dream was an answer to our heart’s prayer over the last couple of years. (Briefly…the dream was about flash floods and over abundant prosperity and provision!) I have had a number of very powerful and prophetic dreams, but not for the last couple of years. I felt so strange after getting up, as if something incredible had happened in our house. I can only describe it as: there was a hovering presence of peace filling the atmosphere.

Helen also had a deep dream on the same night, and I talked to Helen about her dream and what she thought it all meant to her. I urged her to pray and ask God for the meaning of the dream. Then when Tracy got up, she said that she dreamt a lot and I said to her, that I felt that she should try and remember her dreams from last night, because it could be very important. I proceeded to get ready for work as usual (Afternoon shift) and didn’t think a lot more about these issues except, the lingering peace was so strong!

When I got in my car to head on out to work, it was a very beautiful sunny day and I decided to take a detour along Georgian Bay instead of the regular route, so I turned on my new GPS to try and see how it worked through the backroads on my detour that led to the Beach Road. I know the GPS was fully charged, and when I turned it on, it went through the first stage of starting up and then shut off. I know the battery was full, so I tried it again. Then I opened the glove box to get the DC adapter. I pulled the adapter out and plugged the GPS in, and then plugged in Penetang as my destination. About 10 minutes later, I noticed that I had left the glovebox open, so I reached over to close it, and I immediately thought, “Wow, I forgot to put my wallet under the floor mat, which is where I hide it since losing the other wallet 2 months prior. THAT’S WHEN I DID A DOUBLE TAKE! This was not my new wallet, but the wallet that I had lost on Feb. 9. 09. I couldn’t seem to understand what I was seeing, as I reached for the wallet to put it under the floor mat! All of a sudden, the picture on my driver’s license took me by surprise, as it suddenly dawned on me that this was my old driver’s license and then it struck me between the eyes! I realized that this wallet that was sitting on top of everything in my glovebox, including the new bottle of lens cleaner that I had put in there yesterday, WAS MY OLD LOST WALLET FROM 2 MONTHS BEFORE! It was sitting on top of everything!

I had searched my car so many times that I lost track. Both Tracy and Jody searched my car also. 3 weeks ago, I did a ‘top to bottom’ cleaning of my car and at the same time, I took everything out of my glove box! I even took a flashlight to look up under the dash a couple of times thinking that the wallet had maybe slipped down the back of the glovebox and was lodged somewhere. It was not in my car! The wallet was gone! Because I had done so many thorough searches of my car, it made it even more awesome that God gave me a prophetic dream that confirmed so many things for us and at the same time, He gave me that dream, I believe, He visited 24 Gloria Street in Barrie, Ontario, Canada and brought my lost wallet with Him, and dropped it on top of everything in my glovebox so that I would find it, on Easter Sunday! We had a visitation from God this day in 2009!!!!

I was full of a wonderful, but dreadful fear and excitement, mixed with awe and wonder over what had happened. I could barely breath, but I remember feeling very light, fragile and fearful over what was going on. I phoned Jody immediately and I could barely keep my words together. I felt so fresh and clean! It is hard to describe something that is overwhelming emotionally!

Sincerely written, this 12th day of April, 2009 by Rob Reid

PS. It has taken me a little while to send this Epistle out, I believe that it took some time to process the whole incident and let it settle into my heart. Please feel free to send your comments to “whollyworship@sympatico.ca”!

This is exactly how the wallet appeared the afternoon that I found it suddenly on top of everything in my glovebox! I must say that I prayed early on for God to bring it back to me, as I knew He could do! The ways of God are truly beyond our ways and His thoughts above our thoughts! I believe this is a bona fide miracle from the hand of God! ….if you look closely, you can see the money and a bunch of receipts from things that I had bought sticking out! This wallet was very thick and heavy with nothing missing, whatsoever! Hallelujah!! Praise be to God!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sincerely and fearfully written this day, May. 6th, 2009

Shalom from Rob and Jody!!

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