A Peculiar Happening

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  • September 16, 2014

On the night of Friday the 22nd of May 2009, Jody and I went out to dinner and then took a drive up Shanty Bay Road to watch the sunset on Lake Couchiching, towards Orillia, Ontario. As we arrived back home and got into bed, I thought twice about taking off my watch and putting it on the table beside our bed, which I usually do. Well, in the morning, I woke up and noticing that my watch was still on my arm, I thought, ‘oh, I forgot to remove it last night’. I never thought any more of it after that. This Saturday morning I slept late, and never got up until just before 8 AM. The day proceeded along normally and Jody went out to pick out a few last minute things for my niece’s wedding, which we were going to later in the day. I sat on the couch to read the Word for a while, as the house was empty except for our spiritual daughter, who was still resting downstairs. After a while, I looked at my watch and it read 9:30 and I thought, Wow, she must be tired as she is still in bed. All of a sudden, I was shocked to hear the chimes go off on the clock about 2 feet from me. I suddenly looked up at the clock to see that it said, 10 AM. I thought, the grandfather clock has a problem and got up to look at the clock in the kitchen, but it also read 10 AM. I immediately thought, “Oh well, I guess the battery in my watch is going, I’ll have to replace it”. Then I felt a check in my spirit about being so hasty to find a rational explanation. I got this funny feeling in my belly about all of this, and then I set my watch to 10 AM. I realized that if it had slowed down and lost time, it was the battery, but if it works normally after resetting it, then something strange had occurred. (For you who are looking for a rational explanation, let me also tell you that the watch was running, the second hand was moving, the stem to change the time was firmly pushed in, and the date was changed to 23 which occurs at midnight) (I wanted to make sure that I was not jumping to conclusions, so I waited to tell anyone.)

I never want to make a mockery of God, so I try to be very careful about bringing reproach to His name. I needed to make sure that I did not act hastily, so I waited for 7 days, before moving on the second assumption that indeed something strange had happened. What happened on the night of May 22nd? What came to mind was the most powerful prophecy that I have ever had spoken over me, it was 5 years ago by a couple from Stratford. It was 7 pages long when I transcribed it from tape to paper. It was very powerful and much of it has been fulfilled. There was one part, which said: “He’s going to take you, Rob, into a Moses experience and He’s going to take you up into His presence. You know Moses was taken up for 40 days to be with the Lord. I see God is going to take you into His solitude where He’s going to give you strategies and details as to what is to come, and the plans you will have to make, He’s even going to give you time frames and seasons for your lives, as to when this happens, when we make the decision, then that is going to change. He gave to Moses the tablets of the law and the details of it. God is going to give you specific details for your lives. After that time, you will start making changes. You will know exactly when all these things are going to happen, in your lives. God is going to do that for you.”I believe that somehow I was taken up in the spirit with Him and yet at this point I have no recollection of what occurred. I believe as the days go by, and as I continue to ask Him about it, He will reveal it to me. At the moment, I wait upon Him! Be encouraged brothers and sisters, God has not forgotten you!! To Him be all the glory! He is no respecter or persons, so you are just as important to Him as anyone else, no matter how big or small the ministry is. You are the apple of His eye. Have you been spending precious time with Him, seeking His heart and listening to His voice? Get ready to be invaded by His glory in the secret place and in the night seasons!

This documentation has been recorded on May 24, 09 to keep account of these details while they are still clear my mind. I write these words to encourage you all on to seek higher heights and greater vision of His plans for your lives. Keep looking up for His suddenly, as they are so near, all the time. Ask Him to give you visions and dreams and take you up in the spirit with Him. He may just give you the desires of your heart as you delight yourselves in the Lord!!!

Shalom! Rob And Jody Reid, May 29. 09

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